Our Lady of Mt. Carmel begins visioning/discernment exercise

The Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel is beginning a visioning/discernment process. The parish has been in the village of Buckeye Lake, Ohio, for 90 years and is looking to discern God’s call for the future.

Evans/Davis will be working with the church leadership to facilitate the planning process with their Vision Planning Program. It is our prayer that Our Lady of Mt Carmel, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, will discover its direction. A capital campaign is likely in the near future.

St. Luke’s to consider a Vision Planning Program

The faith community of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in La Union, Mew Mexico, is consider a vision planning program. The cornerstone for the church was laid in 2016 and, over the years, the congregation has grown attracting families from surrounding communities and also from El Paso, TX.

They have reached a point in time when they are looking at discerning God’s call for their future as they face challenges with their physical plant and other issues that affect their ministry and mission. A decision to use the Evans/Davis Vision Planning Program should be coming in the next month.

St Lukes

United Against Slavery drafts case document

United Against Slavery (U.A.S.) provides the largest, collaborative research and data collection survey platform to identify and document unresolved challenges impacting anti-trafficking stakeholders. All of their activities help facilitate resources to equip and empower trafficking survivors and to service providers that offer their continuum of care.

Evans/Davis is honored to work with U.A.S. in fund development by assisting in the drafting of a Case for Support document. This completed narrative will be used to secure a number of top gifts as they launch a $3 million campaign.


When is the Best Time to Begin the Planning Process?

Anytime is a good time to begin developing a vision plan for the long term growth and development of your church. It just depends on church schedules and key dates on the church’s calendar.

A number of churches begin vision planning immediately following their annual meeting. For some, the arrival of spring and the celebration of Easter mark a good time to begin the planning process. No matter the timing, it is imperative that your leadership is on board and willing to move forward to discern God’s call for the church’s future, then, developing a plan in an orderly and a prayerfully thought-out manner.

Hiring counsel early in this process is critical in developing a solid cohesive long-range vision plan.

Let’s Talk About Growing Your Church

Grow My ChurchDoes Your Church Have Any of These Issues?

  • Membership and attendance have been on a decline for some time
  • You have tried multiple strategies and tactics to stem the decline and spur growth
  • Membership decline is putting your programs (Christian education, etc.) at risk
  • Membership decline is challenging your financial and operational viability

If so then you might want to consider the Grow My Church program.

We need to do more for ministries beyond us!

There is a tendency, as churches begin the visioning process, to look at only their long term needs. A number of churches, however, in their vision planning, are looking at ways to go beyond themselves and looking to support outreach ministries. These can be regional association (Diocese, Conference or Synod), national or even internationally focused programs and projects.

One church decided, as part of their capital funds campaign, to tithe $100,000 of their $1 million objective to their diocesan camp and retreat ministries program. Yet another decided to add $10,000 annually to relief efforts in Haiti.

As stated before, outside counsel can assist your church in determining God’s vision for your future – be it for local, regional, national and even international programs.