Services for Churches

Evans/Davis can provide very valuable services to your church. Some of the key programs are:

Development of a vision plan:

Working with both lay and clergy leadership, the firm’s consultant will guide and facilitate the planning process that will provide a road map for the church’s future.

Conduct a feasibility/assessment study

Once a plan is developed it may be necessary to conduct a study to learn of the congregation’s feelings about the plan and the leadership’s capabilities to make the plan a reality. Most importantly, it will let the church leadership the amount of dollars likely to be raised in a campaign and those in the congregation likely to take a leadership role in the effort.

Conduct an awareness program

Organize and implement a series of focus meeting to further enhance and articulate the vision plan to members of the congregation.

Provide guidance, counsel and management to fund raising programs

The firm can be on site to manage both annual/budget campaigns and capital campaigns as well as simply provide some periodic consulting services. The firm can also assist the church in the development of a Legacy Society/Planned giving program.