Grow My ChurchEvans/Davis wishes to ask you a tough question…is your church growing?

The firm has often heard this reply, “Yes, we are growing…spiritually.” Obviously, spiritual growth is very important in the life of the church but what is often ignored is numerical growth. As a result valuable and important ministries are discontinued or cut back because of declining stewardship revenues needed to support them.

Numerical growth happens when a long-range vision plan has been developed that determines key ministries, evangelism and other activities in the life of the church that need to be developed or enhanced to foster this church growth.

Evans/Davis has developed a Vision Planning Program that is both cost effective and efficient that is designed to enhance both numerical and spiritual growth. As we move into spring, we suggest that your leadership begin to discuss long-range planning. The firm can meet with you to discuss our services and make recommendations for next steps in the planning process.

It is our mission to assist churches in setting hearts on fire for Christ. We want to help you with both numerical and spiritual growth. Please contact us to learn more.