The Ohio River and Discernment

orb aerial viewThe Ohio River begins in Pittsburgh, PA as a confluence of two other rivers. It winds and flows, carving out borders for many states as it moves majestically to the Mississippi river.

In the early years of this country the river was a focal point for trade and commerce.  By the late 19th and early 20th century it became a hub for manufacturing and industry. The cities and towns along its bank grew and prospered…capitalizing on the river’s ability to provide economic growth and prosperity.

Economic changes over the years eventually led to the closing of most manufacturing.  Cities and towns along the river found themselves having to redevelop and discern new strategies for economic growth and development.

Churches and many not-for-profit organizations were also having to discern their future based upon the ever-changing economic environment. Evans/Davis has been contacted by a number of churches and community organizations, along the river, that need to discern their future and to assist them in developing fund strategies for the times ahead. Churches, especially, are looking to discern God’s call for ministries and evangelism based upon changes in both economy and personal life styles.

The firm will begin working with churches and other organizations this spring, assisting them with development of a long-range vision plan. We will be meeting with a number of others in the weeks and months ahead. It is our mission to assist churches in setting hearts on fire for Christ. We look forward to the challenges that lie ahead and hope that we can play a role in the future of churches and other not-for profits along the Ohio River.