Vision Planning for Your Church

VisionEvans/Davis was recently asked how long it should take to develop a long-range vision plan. Obviously, it depends on the church and the schedule they wish to develop. Most often, a plan can be developed inside of six months.

Be aware that a number of organizations and firms may suggest nearly a year to a year and a half to develop a long-range plan. We feel that timing much over a half of a year is too long and will tire volunteers and delay beginning the plan’s implementation.

Evans/Davis has developed a Vision Planning Program that is both cost effective and efficient and is designed to enhance both numerical and spiritual growth. And, above all else, it is centered on further developing both ministry and mission …not just the use of the building and grounds.

It is our mission to assist churches in setting hearts on fire for Christ. We want to help you with both numerical and spiritual growth. Please contact us to learn more. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss our services and make recommendations for next steps in the planning process.