All Saints Episcopal Church Completes Long Range Vision Plan

All_Saints_Episcopal_Church_in_PortsmouthAll Saints Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, OH, with the assistance from Evans/Davis, has recently completed a long-range vision plan. Their envisioned future will require some much-needed dollars to make the plan a reality.

The church leadership will decide on how best to fund the long-range vision plan in the near future.

Easter Time

happy-easter-jesus-is-risen-3As we enter the Easter season it is a time for joy and optimism for the future. The days are getting longer and brighter and, for many churches and other not-for-profits, it is time for long-term planning. This is a good time to review ministries, services and programs with an eye toward long-range growth and development.

Evans/Davis has a vision planning program for churches that is cost efficient and enhances both numerical as well as spiritual growth. Not-for-profits can also benefit with our Vision Planning Program as they develop a long-range strategic plan for improved and enhanced programs and services.

We suggest, as you look at your future during this uplifting time you contact us so that we can assist you in developing a plan for your future.

Ohio River Clients Begin Work

all saints portsmouthEvans/Davis is honored to be working with All Saints Episcopal Church, in Portsmouth, Ohio, to assist them in discerning God’s call for their future. Their Vision Planning Program will be conducted this spring and summer, which will allow them to make decisions on funding their vision in the near future.

The firm is scheduled to meet with Ashland Childhood Development and will be scheduling a meeting with Calvary Episcopal Church, Ashland, KY and Christ Episcopal Church in Ironton, Ohio, to discuss beginning discernment and long-range planning. They all need to develop their list of needs and costs so that an assessment can be conducted with a fund-raising program in the near future.

We look forward to working with all of these Ohio River projects and aiding them in growth and development.


The Ohio River and Discernment

orb aerial viewThe Ohio River begins in Pittsburgh, PA as a confluence of two other rivers. It winds and flows, carving out borders for many states as it moves majestically to the Mississippi river.

In the early years of this country the river was a focal point for trade and commerce.  By the late 19th and early 20th century it became a hub for manufacturing and industry. The cities and towns along its bank grew and prospered…capitalizing on the river’s ability to provide economic growth and prosperity.

Economic changes over the years eventually led to the closing of most manufacturing.  Cities and towns along the river found themselves having to redevelop and discern new strategies for economic growth and development.

Churches and many not-for-profit organizations were also having to discern their future based upon the ever-changing economic environment. Evans/Davis has been contacted by a number of churches and community organizations, along the river, that need to discern their future and to assist them in developing fund strategies for the times ahead. Churches, especially, are looking to discern God’s call for ministries and evangelism based upon changes in both economy and personal life styles.

The firm will begin working with churches and other organizations this spring, assisting them with development of a long-range vision plan. We will be meeting with a number of others in the weeks and months ahead. It is our mission to assist churches in setting hearts on fire for Christ. We look forward to the challenges that lie ahead and hope that we can play a role in the future of churches and other not-for profits along the Ohio River.


Grow My ChurchEvans/Davis wishes to ask you a tough question…is your church growing?

The firm has often heard this reply, “Yes, we are growing…spiritually.” Obviously, spiritual growth is very important in the life of the church but what is often ignored is numerical growth. As a result valuable and important ministries are discontinued or cut back because of declining stewardship revenues needed to support them.

Numerical growth happens when a long-range vision plan has been developed that determines key ministries, evangelism and other activities in the life of the church that need to be developed or enhanced to foster this church growth.

Evans/Davis has developed a Vision Planning Program that is both cost effective and efficient that is designed to enhance both numerical and spiritual growth. As we move into spring, we suggest that your leadership begin to discuss long-range planning. The firm can meet with you to discuss our services and make recommendations for next steps in the planning process.

It is our mission to assist churches in setting hearts on fire for Christ. We want to help you with both numerical and spiritual growth. Please contact us to learn more.

Evans/Davis to sponsor Exhibitor’s Table at the 124th Council of the Diocese of Southern Virginia

DIO SVEvans/Davis is excited to sponsor an exhibitor’s table at the 124th Council of the Diocese of Southern Virginia, scheduled for February 4 to 6, 2016 at the Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, VA. In addition to introducing ourselves to churches and Diocesan ministries for the first time, we will have the opportunity to visit with a number of churches and other diocesan ministries we have scheduled to meet around that time frame.

Evans/Davis asks any church in the Diocese of Southern Virginia to contact us should you wish to have us visit with you during the first week of February in 2016. We can meet you at the Lodge, at your church, or at a convenient location nearby.

The Assessment/Study – a Valuable Tool

Evans-Davis Processes for Community OrganizationsEvans/Davis was recently contacted by a church and asked to explain the value of the Assessment/Study. It was interesting because the church contact stated “There are about five individuals in our congregation who will determine if we should do a capital campaign. If they are on board, we are good…if not, we won’t do one.”

Well, this statement is only partially true. Of course, the major donors need to be interviewed to determine if there are sufficient dollars available to reach the desired amount, but much more is gained through a comprehensive assessment/study.

Besides determining the potential dollar amounts a capital campaign could raise, a well designed and executed study gives other valuable information from the congregation, information that will significantly impact a capital campaign. The information collected will include:

  • The interviewees perceptions of the abilities of both the current lay and clergy leadership
  • The interviewees feelings on the long-range vision plan for the church
  • The assembly of a composite priority of how best to deal with the needs of the church
  • The perceived strengths and areas of church life that need help
  • The potential for campaign leadership
  • The best timing for as well as other influences, both internal and external, that could have an impact on a campaign

An assessment/study is especially good for medium to large size congregations that are less intimate and more likely to have different perspectives on both church values and its long-term direction.

We suggest you contact us so that we can give you additional information that will help you in determining if an assessment/study is right for you.

Grace Church Completes Vision Planning Program

easterEvans/Davis, working with the leadership at Grace Episcopal Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, has completed their Vision Planning Program. During the process they have developed their core purpose and values and have envisioned a plan for their future.

We received this note from one of the Church leaders.  “I am writing you on behalf of Grace Church’s Mission Council and Visioning Committee.  We would like to thank Evans/Davis for your guidance and leadership in helping us design and frame an initial vision for Grace Church.  As a Common Ministry Mission Church, Grace was not the “normal Episcopal Parish” that you company helps. We presented you with a unique set of challenges and you worked with us to craft a vision thatauthentically represents who Grace is at the current time. “Again, on behalf of Grace Church, we thank you for going the extra milewith us in helping us delineate our goals, hopes and dreams and then usingyour contacts to help us put real costs next to each item on our plan/wishlist.”

Evans/Davis is happy to receive this message and will monitor the church as it proceeds through its vision plan. Please contact us to learn how we can help you with long-range vision planning.

Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation to Begin a Discernment/Visioning Period

VisionOver the years, the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation (FSEF) of Springfield Township near Cincinnati, Ohio, has raised funds to provide teacher grants and to fund special projects. In addition, it has been a funnel for student scholarships. The Foundation is now at the crossroads and needs to determine future funding needs and determine where these funds can be developed for these needs.

For this reason the FSEF is moving forward with a vision/discernment program and development of a revised mission statement. Once a vision for the Foundation’s future is determined and a revised mission statement has been written, Evans/Davis will conduct a fundraising feasibly study to determine if there is a sufficient dollars from the FSEF donor base to make the long-range plan a reality.

Evans/Davis specializes in long-range planning. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Does your Church have a “Green Light?”


Many churches have difficulty beginning new ministries or enhancing current ministries because the congregation doesn’t have the necessary tools to launch, maintain and enhance such ministries. One major tool for such ministries is the church facilities themselves. If the facilities are not adequate for potential ministries, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to begin or enhance such ministries. For instance, the facilities may not be accessible for those who are physically challenged or the buildings have not been upgraded for modern communications. Perhaps there are parts of the church plant that have been “grandfathered” under the building codes, but will need to be brought up to code when a new ministry begins. Other church facilities may simply have renovations and repairs that, due to tight budgets, have not been addressed for many years.

Evans/Davis, working with an architectural firm, has included inspection of your churches facilities as part of its Vision Planning Program. This architectural firm will provide you with a color code to let you know how accessible your physical plant is in the conduct of daily church life. “Green” means you are full-go and little to nothing is needed. “Yellow” is cautionary suggesting that your current church ministries and other activities may be impeded or slowed due to the barriers in your facilities that will require some restorations or enhancements. “Red” means that most church ministries and other aspects of church life are in jeopardy as the physical plant is virtually unusable and work to it is drastically needed!

Again, this service is provided in our Vision Planning Program as part of this long-range planning exercise. Please contact us for more detail on the program.